JTC Innovation Open Grant Call on Sustainable Solutions

JTC’s Open Innovation Call was first started in June 2014 under the JTC I3 Partnership Programme which has been set up to facilitate, identify and provide funding for technology owners to undertake test-bed and pilot innovative solutions to promote sustainability.

In this open innovation call, JTC aims to crowdsource ideas to:

  • Develop and pilot innovative solutions that improve the productivity
  • Reduce the reliance on manpower, including but not limited to sustainable solutions for facility management and maintenance,
  • Improve occupants’ comfort level and experience within a building

Areas of Focus

  • Resource Efficiency:
    Develop green buildings solutions by reducing water and energy consumption, allowing efficient waste treatment or harvesting green energy to reduce power consumption. Possible solutions and outcomes – Innovative, adaptive and intelligent software/ technologies to manage and boost the occupancy’s comfort level. Platforms that enable occupants to connect to buildings’ ecosystem such as apps that allow occupants to adjust/ control or monitor building systems and shared facilities.
  • Sustainable Urban Solutions:
    Develop solutions that can mitigate urban challenges and cultivate green practices. Possible solutions and outcomes – Information Systems that allow monitoring of energy consumption for data analysis on energy savings.
  • Building Efficiency:
    Develop sustainable facility management solutions by reducing reliance on manpower; improve productivity and quality of service as well as improving the occupants’ experiences. Possible solutions & outcomes – Automation, intelligent analytics / integrated sensor technologies / robotic / drones with structural inspection abilities or for building facade cleaning, thereby reducing manpower and operational costs by 30%.

Development Phases

  • Phase 1 is the applied Research and Development phase, which involves laboratory scale testing on the feasibility of the technologies;
  • Phase 2 is the test-bedding phase of the technologies and solutions at JTC’s sites, for demonstration and verification of these technologies/systems that are new to Singapore and require proof of feasibility in Singapore’s tropical climate.


JTC welcomes all enterprises and research institutions, both local and foreign companies including start-ups and incubators registered with the local authorities in their respective countries, to participate. Research institutions must declare if their proposals have received funding from other sources.

How to Apply

The relevant documents may be downloaded here at:

For more information and other enquiries, please email: JTC_Open_Innovation@jtc.gov.sg

Submission Deadline

The Open Innovation Call is opened from 4 January 2016 to 31 March 2016. The deadline for submission is 31 March 2016 at 16:00 hours (Singapore time, GMT+8)


04/01/2016 - 30/03/2016
12:00 am - 4:00 pm


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