Directors’ Message

As a leading industrial infrastructure innovator, JTC is committed to taking the lead in driving innovation, sustainability and construction productivity in all our development, and play an active role in the planning, promotion and development of a dynamic industrial landscape in Singapore. In an effort to expand our innovation capacity, the SUTD-JTC I³ Centre is set up to spearhead research efforts in design, architecture, engineering, and social science that will create value for industry, investors and Singapore. This new partnership platform aims to forge closer collaboration to scale up the industry’s innovation, facilitate the development of the next big idea, and build new local capabilities in the field of industrial infrastructure development.

We welcome innovative ideas in any of the key research thrusts, and we look forward to having you on board in our quest for more innovative and sustainable urban solutions.

Innovative cities have always been underpinned by innovative industrial infrastructure. They are also increasingly underpinned by strong educational and research institutions.

The SUTD-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre brings these two very important pieces of a city’s urban innovation system together. It brings together JTC’s track record in planning and developing cutting edge industrial infrastructure for Singapore’s economy, with SUTD’s tight integration of design, architecture, engineering, humanities and social sciences.  Through collaborations between the public, private and academic sectors, this strategic partnership between JTC and SUTD will create innovative solutions for Singapore’s continued success.

The Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities is pleased to be an integral part of this. Industrial infrastructure increasingly shares many similar characteristics with urban infrastructure: they must be green and sustainable, must have amenities that attract top talent to live, work and play, and are now considered policy tools to transform cities economically and socially. In fact industrial infrastructure in the form of science and technology parks are transforming into a new urban model called “innovation districts”.

The SUTD-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre will contribute to exploring new possibilities in industrial infrastructure that will bring life and creativity to Singapore’s economy. We welcome your participation and look forward to an exciting journey with you.

As urban populations continue to grow, developing innovative solutions for compact cities to achieve highly liveable, attractive and ecologically balanced environments is a critical task. This is particularly so in the case of Singapore given its shortage of land. The exploration of new possibilities for industrial urban infrastructure will be high on this city's agenda.

Singapore is well known for its innovative approaches to deal with urban challenges. The SUTD-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre offers an exciting  new setting for further research and the development of ideas through the combination of disciplines—architecture, urban planning and design, engineering, humanities and the  social sciences. Working in collaboration with JTC, colleagues at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, SUTD and others beyond the University, it will be  our responsibility to define the necessary framework for an engaging advancement of interdisciplinary research on urban industrial infrastructure—providing multiplicity and consistency, singularity and diversity.

If we think about the future of cities, we need to constantly recalibrate the relationship between tradition and innovation, knowledge and imagination. With its superb setting for research and development at SUTD’s Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities and the strategic partnership with JTC, the SUTD-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre is poised to lead the effort.