1 July 2019

PI: Dr Hou Yuting (LKYCIC, SUTD)

Since 2010, approximately 74 Chinese cities (2018) have been supported by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and National Development and Reform Commission to build as the next innovative pilot cities. In line with the national goal of building an innovative nation and improving its indigenous innovation capacity, urban studies in China have extensively explored the innovative capacities of Chinese cities in recent years.

This study aims to contribute to innovation studies of Chinese cities. We will explore the gaps in the current research and understand the spatial pattern and determinants of urban innovation capacities in different dimensions.


  • Hou, Yuting. (2021, Sept). The role of spatial proximity for urban innovation performance in China’s Electronic Information industry. Presented at the 15th Annual Meeting of International Association for China Planning (IACP).
  • Hou, Yuting. (2020, Dec). Spatial analysis of agglomeration and innovation in China’s ICT manufacturing industry: Evidence from cities in 5 coastal metropolitan regions. Paper presented at The 14th International Association for China Planning (IACP) Conference: Urban Innovations in the New Planning Context.