1 October 2013
Lee Li Ming

PI: Dr Belinda Yuen (LKYCIC, SUTD)
Co-PI: Dr Yuen Chau (EPD, SUTD)
Team: Ms Parvathi Sanjeev Nair, Ms Penny Kong, Ms Sanjana Viswanath (LKYCIC, SUTD)

A key challenge facing cities is the question of how we reshape the built environment to accommodate the evolving needs of a changing demographic. How we plan and design the built environment, from housing to neighbourhoods can determine levels of independence, dignity and self-respect in later life. Getting these spaces right is a crucial factor to achieving successful ageing. This inaugural project investigates the changing needs and lived experiences of Singapore’s older population in two key spaces – housing (live) and recreation (play). It seeks to understand the subjective and objective older person-space relationships using a multi-dimensional methodological approach that involves both quantitative and qualitative, traditional instrumentation as well as recent development in mobile crowdsourcing.

During the research process, a body of literature and case studies has been accumulated on how Singapore and other cities are addressing the housing and recreation needs of older populations. These are summarised in the ongoing LLMAU Webpost Notes SeriesHousing for Older Population and Recreational Spaces for Older Population. Findings and insights developed through the research process support the need for a greater understanding of the older person’s perceptions of local neighbourhoods and the importance of engaging older people in the co-creation of design interventions.

1 October 2013
Lee Li Ming

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