2 February 2016

PIs: Dr Dawn Tan (EPD, SUTD)
Dr Lyle Fearnley (HASS, SUTD)
Team: Dr J. Alstan Jakubiec (ASD, SUTD), Dr Kwan Wei Lek (EPD, SUTD), Dr Ong Eng Shi (SCI, SUTD), Dr Kelvin Ooi (Office of Education, SUTD), Ms Selina Patra, Ms Chia Siow Boon (LKYCIC, SUTD)

This two-year project sheds light on securing a sustainable future in Singapore by focusing on sustainable daily living in the next 25 years. It first focuses on the theoretical approach to define what “sustainability” means in Singapore and seeks to arrive at a Singapore-centric sustainable living framework. The second stage links empirically the framework to two carefully-chosen everyday behaviours of Singaporeans that involves resources consumed and at high risk of overuse, which are conserving (waste management) and cooling. This project adopts an interdisciplinary approach in addressing these issues through collaboration between experts in urban planning, social science, building science, and material science.