Streets Belong to Those Who Keep Them: Placemaking and Micro Strategies of Place-keeping in Singapore and Bogota

PI: Dr Rafael Martinez (LKYCIC, SUTD)
Team: Ms Anna Dieterich, Ms En-Ya Emma Goh (LKYCIC, SUTD), Dr Luis Angel Guzman (University of Los Andes, Colombia)

This study uses theoretical frameworks of creative placemaking and social innovation to better understand how different members of society achieve placemaking by means of innovative and sustainable interventions and what the mechanisms both society and city governments deploy in order to secure the long-term existence of popular/vibrant places. The study comprises two case studies to explore themes related to placemaking, place-keeping, and art-based innovation: linear park underneath the Ang Mo Kio MRT in Singapore, and “Me muevo segura” project in Bogotá, Colombia. The goal is to document and understand how and why daily life microstrategies users of public spaces deploy result in placemaking, and how and why some of them might result in place-keeping as well.