16 February 2015

PI: Prof Thomas Schroepfer (ASD, SUTD)
Dr Belinda Yuen (LKYCIC, SUTD), Mr Dietmar Leyk (FCL)
Dr Lynette Cheah (ESD, SUTD), Dr Hou Yuting, Dr Seyed Mehdi Zahraei, Mr Ramesh Pillai, Ms Adithi Moogoor, Mr Aloysius Lian, Ms Sonja Berthold (LKYCIC, SUTD)

The research is a component study of the LKYCIC The Future of Cities project. It addresses the need for enhanced liveability of future urban environments and the need to build an inclusive, equitable city with a 25-year perspective. Future architecture, urban design and urban planning practice in Singapore will have to adopt new building and district typologies for high-density contexts. These new typologies will have to provide good accessibility to amenities and services, ensure good environmental comfort, better support future live-work arrangements, foster inclusivity in an increasingly diverse society, and ensure equitable provision of community facilities and services. They will also have to strengthen Singapore’s resilience to impacts of climate change and potential shocks (e.g. strengthen physical infrastructure to be sufficiently robust and provide for necessary mitigation and adaptation measures in Singapore’s land use planning and development). Density and sustainability (in the broad sense of the word) in these new urban typologies will not be seen as contradictory but rather as mutually dependent and synergistic.

This research will contribute to the knowledge about how new urban typologies can improve Singapore’s environment by mitigating negative effects of high density. It will capture environmental, social, architectural, economic and aesthetic benefits of new urban typologies systematically.