3 November 2014

PI: Dr Lynette Cheah (ESD, SUTD)
Dr Corinne Ong, Dr Hou Yuting, Dr Seyed Mehdi Zahraei, Mr Waqas Cheema (LKYCIC, SUTD)

This future of transportation foresight study is diagnostic and prognostic in nature. The aim is to understand current circumstances, and to provide foresight on what could happen. We will examine both passenger and freight transport, on land only. The study will explore the following questions: What would future mobility be like in the city? How would technology enhance the urban travel experience? What technologies can make travel safer, easier, more cost-effective, more inclusive, and more pleasant?

The study will take into account unique aspects of the Singapore context – high-density, compact environment, intelligent transport systems, ageing population. It will also consider future travel demand, and how this is potentially affected by our future urban environment as well as work- and life-styles.