1 January 2022
SIM People Development Fund (SIMPDF)

PI: Mr Poon King Wang (LKYCIC, SUTD)
Team: Mr Darion Hotan, Ms Radha Vinod, Mr Galvyn Goh, Ms Candy Mak Yu Shan (LKYCIC, SUTD)

Older and highly skilled Singaporeans who have fallen off the career ladder need help to re-enter the workforce at levels commensurate with their expertise and experience, especially as Singaporeans work longer. Also, PMEs who are training to pivot to new sectors need help to increase their odds of being hired as companies prefer experienced hires. We believe that the Multivitamin Strategy—a new way of designing career experiences for individuals using AI and human insight—can improve mobility and career resilience for these workers by diversifying their pathways based on shared tasks. As opposed to conventional methods of job transitioning/job search, the Multivitamin Strategy uses tasks because jobs are disrupted task-by-task, and not skill-by-skill.

We will pilot the Multivitamin Strategy to help these Singaporean workers break silos between sectors/professions, create a versatile cross-sector workforce, and ensure highly skilled Singaporeans continue to make full use of their experiences and expertise while also contributing to the growth and resilience of the sectors that these Singaporeans work in. In addition, instead of the risks of older workers becoming increasingly underemployed or unemployed, Singapore can continue to reap the benefits of their talents.

The Multivitamin Strategy maps job transitions using the tasks-skills method:

  1. Jobs are broken down into tasks using a combination of social science and data science methods and expertise
  2. Tasks are analysed using the LKYCIC Tasks-Skills Stack, which is an AI-powered task database.
  3. Job transitions are generated to help workers transition to new jobs both within and across sectors and via multi-stage transitions.
  4. Emerging and in-demand tasks are identified via a synthesis of social science and data science algorithms

We will pilot this model through a series of workshops and collaborations with independent mid-career workers and the event, aviation and gig industry partners.