3 November 2014

PI: Dr John Powers (LKYCIC, SUTD)
Ms Esther Wong, Ms Dinithi Jayasekara (LKYCIC, SUTD)

This study on ‘the economy’ is geared to examining the forces that will impact most crucially in the future on Singapore’s economy and its ability to generate broad-based, productivity-enhancing growth. Although the foreground of this analysis is concentrated on the sources of robustness for a diverse and vibrant economy for the Singapore of the future, the background must be concerned with the nature of trade-offs that will necessarily accompany any form of economic transformation, as well as how the economic role of the state can evolve to manage new economic uncertainties. Lastly, the study also aims to learn from a few select cities around the world in their experiences with urban economic restructuring and how they have managed to create the conditions for continued change and renewal.