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Business | Bicycle sharing in China: smarter and revitalized by venture capital?

8th December, 2016|

7 December 2016 Smart bicycle sharing has been a trending topic in China’s tech entrepreneurship space in recent months, with half a dozen notable companies announcing sizeable new funding for their bicycle sharing apps. Among them, Ofo Bike and MoBike have each raised more than US$100 million from venture capital. Similar to the car-sharing space,

Policy | Innovation opportunities in China’s urban mobility for the next five years

4th October, 2016|

5 October 2016 On 20 July 2016, China Ministry of Transport published the 13th Five-Year Plan on developing urban mobility across Chinese cities during 2016-2020. By 2020, China envisions to have sustainably developed a smart urban mobility infrastructure, which is efficient, fast, safe, comfortable, affordable, reliable, low-carbon, and public-transport-centric, with projected annual ridership of 120

Policy | The impact of China’s new regulations on Uber and DiDi

4th October, 2016|

5 October 2016 On 28 July 2016, China Ministry of Transport (MOT) announced the milestone new regulations on app-based ride-hailing companies like Uber and DiDi [1]. Meanwhile, China’s State Council also announced the guidelines on reforming the ride-hailing industry [2]. On 9 September 2016, China MOT announced two pieces of amended regulations on taxi operation