What kind of recreational spaces will increase quality of life as we age?

Play is a vital need in enhancing the quality of life for all ages, especially the elderly. Research suggests that meaningful play among the older population greatly helps to foster connectedness, cultivate oneself and others, and contribute to society. A corroboration of literature findings aims to elucidate how recreational spaces around the world can facilitate meaningful, and active usage by their older population. The goal is to highlight creative concepts, models and practical solutions to address senior citizens’ psycho-social needs.

Note 1 – Café for the Elderly
Note 2 – Senior Parks and Intergenerational Playgrounds
Note 3 – Senior Social Hub
Note 4 – Arts for Elderly
Note 5 – Dementia Friendly City: Bruges
Note 6 – Dance and Movement Therapy for Seniors
Note 7 – Music Therapy
Note 8 – Art Therapy
Note 9 – Dramatic Effects
Note 10 – Literary Pursuits
Note 11 – Choirs for Seniors
Note 12 – Horticultural Therapy
Note 13 – Animal Assistance for Seniors
Note 14 – Animals Living with Seniors
Note 15 – Animal and Robot Assisted Therapy
Note 16 – Camera-ready for Ageing
Note 17 – Smart Seniors for the Digital Age