What kind of housing and neighbourhoods will meet our needs as we grow older?

Shelter is a basic human need that is critical to quality of life, especially for older adults. The literature suggests that the nature and suitability of older people’s housing are central determinants of their wellbeing. We scan the literature to bring together some of the tools, trends and types of housing and living arrangements that are being harnessed by cities for their older populations. The aim is to highlight the myriad of possibilities, innovative models and solutions for addressing older people’s housing needs.

Note 1 – United Kingdom
Note 2 – United States of America
Note 3 – Republic of Korea
Note 4 – Canada
Note 5 – Israel
Note 6 – Lifetime Homes and Lifetime Neighbourhoods, UK
Note 7 – Netherlands
Note 8 – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)- A new housing option for the elderly
Note 9 – Social sector elderly housing in Denmark and Japan
Note 10 – Green Homes
Note 11 – State of Low-income Elderly Housing and Independent Living Units (ILU), Australia