Research Assistant

Bachelor of Sociology, University of Bristol, UK

Research Interests

Sociological construction of ageing, Health inequalities, and Gender roles and its disparities






Nurhazimah is currently attached to various projects under the Lee Li Ming Programme in Ageing Urbanism. She has an honours degree in Sociology from University of Bristol, United Kingdom, with major in ageing population. As a qualitative practitioner, she has concrete hands-on experience in conducting field research and leading high-impact academic research studies within gerontology, early childhood, and tertiary education industries. Her passion and commitment for the silver generation are apparent through various involvement including the introduction of Smart Home Sensors for the Elderly, a strategic urban living initiative, within Singapore’s Smart Nation movement. Her research interest includes but not limited to, the sociological construction of ageing, health inequalities, and gender roles and its disparities.


  • Bachelor of Sociology, University of Bristol, UK


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  • Lee, J, Robert, C., Naharudin N, Erdt, M., Vijayakumar, H., & Theng, Y. (2020). Examining the effectiveness of a holistic nutrition programme among community‑dwelling elderly in Singapore. Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare.