Research Fellow

PhD, National University of Singapore,






Dr Md Rashed Bhuyan is a Research Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (Lee Li Ming Programme in Ageing Urbanism and SUTD SGP Healthcare), Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Bhuyan is an architect, academic and urban researcher. Bhuyan’s research works contribute in the intersections of design, technology and social wellbeing of people at multiple scales from small products to cities. His current research projects focus on the role of built environment and design in addressing the needs of different age groups in Singapore and other high-density Asian cities. Bhuyan’s areas of research interest include mixed methods research in architecture, design thinking, urban street network analysis, child- and age- friendly urbanism, AI in health and urban interventions and sustainability and social relevance of urban planning and design. Bhuyan has published peer reviewed journal articles, books, book chapters, international conference proceedings, op-eds and web notes in these areas. Academically, Bhuyan conducted design studios on architectural form, function and urban design. He developed theoretical courses in history of architecture (Europe), building technologies and computer graphics and supervised students at undergraduate and post-graduate level. As a registered architectural consultant in Bangladesh, Bhuyan designed residential, institutional and commercial buildings that are sensitive to their contexts and user needs.

Bhuyan is keen on undertaking collaborative projects with national and international research centres, academic institutions and design firms.


  • PhD (Architecture), National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • M. Sc. (Environmental Management), National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • B. Arch. (Professional), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh


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Conference Presentations/Proceedings

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