Research Fellow

PhD, University of Southern California, USA


Policy, Planning and Development


6499 4907


Dr Hou Yuting, Ph.D., is interested in research on evolutions of metropolitan spatial structure, transportation and economic development, land use and accessibility, and spatial analysis. Her dissertation, titled “Essays on Congestion, Agglomeration and Urban Spatial Structure,” empirically test an old theme in urban economics: Whether and to what extent traffic congestion offsets accessibility and agglomeration benefits in determining the intra-urban geography of business and residents. Her current research involves examination of polycentric urban form and its evolutions, the relationships between accessibility and commuting equity, and the application of real-time data in transportation system analysis and city growth.

She was a transportation modeller (intern) at the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). The work focused on the relationships among built environment, promotion of active transportation, health behaviour, as well as the model validation for the Regional Travel Demand Model.

She received her Master’s in Human Geography from Peking University (CHINA) and PhD in Policy, Planning, and Development from the USC Price School of Public Policy (USA).


  • PhD, Policy, Planning, and Development, University of Southern California, USA
  • Graduate Certificate, Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST), University of Southern California, USA
  • MS, Human Geography, Peking University, CHINA
  • BE, Land Management and Land Information Technology, Wuhan University, CHINA


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Conference Presentations/Proceedings

  • Hou, Yuting. (2020, Dec). Spatial analysis of agglomeration and innovation in China’s ICT manufacturing industry: Evidence from cities in 5 coastal metropolitan regions. Paper presented at The 14th International Association for China Planning (IACP) Conference: Urban Innovations in the New Planning Context.
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