Senior Fellow

PhD, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, Massachusetts, USA






Harvey’s research focuses on critical urban studies, citizen urban science and policy-making as well as nature-society interactions. Previously an Associate Professor of Geography at the National University of Singapore, he has won multiple teaching and research excellence awards and taught courses on urban development, resource geography, environmental politics and nature/society issues. Harvey is an Associate Editor, Regional Studies, Regional Science (published by the Regional Studies Association and Taylor & Francis) and Member of the International Editorial Advisory Board, Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation Book Series (published by University of Georgia Press). Since 2013, he has been one of the editors of the leading geography-oriented, multidisciplinary journal, Geoforum.

At the LKYCIC, Harvey leads the Cities Cluster Research on “The Future of Asian Cities”. Amongst other things, he is interested in how a citizen-centric urban science can be practised, and sustained in tandem with “big data”, and in so doing, how it can influence urban policies positively. The future of such citizen urban science will be studied across several Southeast Asian cities, including Phnom Penh, Jakarta and Manila. Harvey is also developing a research programme on “urban sustainability” at the LKYCIC, focusing on the issues of water, food and energy.


  • PhD, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, Massachusetts, USA (2007)
  • MSc, Geography, National University of Singapore (2002)
  • BA (Hons), National University of Singapore


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