Galvyn GOH Zi An 

Title: Research Associate

Alumni: BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of York, United Kingdom

Discipline/s: Industrial-Organisational, Social and Environmental Psychology


Contact: 64994053


Galvyn Goh’s background is in social psychology and the science of individual differences. His research interests include

  1. empathy development,
  2. empowerment of disadvantaged groups in society,
  3. promoting social inclusion and diversity,
  4. understanding and addressing prejudice,
  5. investigating the future of work.

Galvyn is presently attached to the ‘Future Digital Economies and Digital Societies’ project at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities.


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of York, United Kingdom


  • Mussagulova, Assel., Chng, Samuel., Goh, Zi An Galvyn., Tang, Cheryl J., & Jayasekara, Dinithi N. (2023). When is a career transition successful? a systematic literature review and outlook (1980–2022). Frontiers in Psychology, 14.
  • Goh, Zi An Galvyn., & Poon, King Wang. (2023). A Task-Based Approach to Lifelong Learning, Well-Being, and Resilience in the Workplace of the Future. In: Lee, Wing On., Brown, Phillip., Goodwin, A. Lin., & Green, Andy. (Eds.) International Handbook on Education Development in Asia-Pacific. Springer, Singapore.
  • Lim, Sok Mui., Tan, Bhing Leet., Lim, Hua Beng., & Goh, Zi An Galvyn. (2018). Engaging persons with disabilities as community teachers for experiential learning in occupational therapy education. Hong Kong Journal of Occupational Therapy, 31(1),