Research Fellow

PhD, Western Sydney University, Australia


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Dr. Brigid Trenerry is a Research Fellow in the Chen Tianqiao Programme on Urban Innovation at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities. She is currently working on a project aimed at tackling digital disruption in the workplace in Singapore.

Brigid’s research focuses on organisation/workplace studies and draws from multiple disciplines, including sociology, political science and business/management studies. Her current research interests include workplace digital disruption, workplace diversity and occupational/labour market inequality. She is particularly interested in intervention research and studying responses to workplace disruption, diversity and discrimination/inequality. She is experienced in conducting mixed-methods research and working with colleagues across multiple disciplines, and in applied industry/policy contexts. For her doctoral research, she was part of the evaluation team for a large-scale workplace diversity and anti-racism intervention conducted within local government in Australia.


  • PhD in Sociology, Western Sydney University, Australia (2017)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Political Science, University of Melbourne, Australia (2005)

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Trenerry, B. (2019, Sep). How far have we come in understanding and responding to discrimination at the individual, community and local government levels? Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network Annual Forum. Bendigo, Australia
  • Trenerry, B., & Paradies, Y. (2012) Organizational Assessment: An Overlooked Approach to Managing Diversity and Addressing Racism in the Workplace. Journal of Diversity Management, 7(1), 11-26.
  • Priest, N., Paradies, Y., Trenerry, B., Truong, M., Karlsen, S., & Kelly, Y. A. (2012) Systematic Review of Studies Examining the Relationship between Reported Racism and Health and Wellbeing for Children and Young People. Social Science & Medicine, 95, 115-127

Research Reports

  • Trenerry, B., (2018). The role of non-profits in building socially conscious leaders: A case study of the impact, benefits and challenges in engaging youth volunteers in the non-profit sector. Singapore: Conjunct Consulting and Singapore Tote Board.
  • Trenerry, B., Franklin, H., & Paradies, Y. (2011). Preventing Race-Based Discrimination (An Evidence Review: Full Report), Creating Healthy Workplaces Evidence Review Series. Carlton: Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth).
  • Trenerry, B., Franklin, H., & Paradies, Y. (2010). Review of Audit and Assessment Tools, Programs and Resources in Workplace Settings to Prevent Race-Based Discrimination and Support Diversity. Carlton: Victorian Health Promotion Foundation.
  • Klocker, N., Trenerry, B., & Webster, K. (2011). How Does Freedom of Religion and Belief Affect Health and Wellbeing? Carlton: VicHealth.