Adjunct Fellow

PhD, University of California, Berkeley



Dr Andy Zheng’s research interests in renewable energy and innovation have led him to focus on researching and developing novel data-driven solutions that optimize energy use and minimize carbon footprint in a smart city context. Andy is particularly interested in cloud computing and big data applications in urban transportation, green financing, and air quality sensor network.

For a one-year stint at the Energy Studies Institute in 2008-2009, Andy’s research interest was studying the impact of energy-efficient vehicle technologies on Singapore’s carbon footprint and researching new policy measures to make hybrid electric vehicles financially attractive to Singaporean car-owners. During his Ph.D. training at the University of California, Berkeley, Andy studied and researched on both the technology and policy aspects of solar energy, with a focus on the role of R&D in developing an innovation-driven sustainable solar industry.

Upon returning to Singapore in 2014, Andy founded the Aspiring Citizens Cleantech (ACC), with the vision of chipping into the global effort of transitioning to a sustainable energy future. ACC’s approach is to provide a full set of technology, business model, and policy innovations to assist governments in accelerating this transition. ACC’s R&D effort in smart transportation has produced an on-demand taxi-sharing mobile app, an open platform for sourcing mobility services, and several high-impact policy articles in Chinese media.

Andy holds a B.Eng. (Hons) First Class in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, and both a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a Certificate in Engineering and Business for Sustainability from the University of California, Berkeley.


  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley (topic focus: solar photovoltaics) (2014)
  • BEng, Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (2008)

Selected Publications

  • Feng, S. & Zheng, A. How app-based ride-hailing platform deviated from sharing economy (in Chinese). (2016-10-24).
  • Zheng, A. & Su, G. The impact of autonomous vehicles on the ride-hailing industry (in Chinese). The Paper (2016-09-07). [link]
  • Zheng, A. Antitrust regulations in the ride-hailing industry: Shared economies of scale from mobility exchange platform (in Chinese). China Transport News (2016-09-01). [link]
  • Su, G. & Zheng, A. The Singapore lessons for adopting congestion pricing in Beijing (in Chinese). The Paper (2016-06-19). [link]
  • Zheng, A. & Kammen, D. M. An innovation-focused roadmap for a sustainable global photovoltaic industry. Energy Policy 67, 159-169 (2014). [link]

International/Regional Conference Papers/Presentations

  • Zheng, A. Empower the workforce with innovations: Sharing economy in the taxi industry (in Chinese). Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (invited) (2016-10-18). [link]
  • Zheng, A. Empower the workforce with innovations: A view from the taxi industry. SUTD Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities Brown Bag Lunch Talks (2016-10-11). [link]