Ameek KAUR 

Title: Research Fellow

Alumni: PhD in Management of Technology, National University of Singapore

Discipline/s: Pedagogy, Team Processes, Innovation, Leadership


Contact: 64994863


Ameek Kaur is a Research Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKYCIC). She supports King Wang and team on the "How the lightbulb was invented: Sparking creativity with ‘deliberate- learning-from-failure’ interventions” project.

Ameek’s career trajectory has evolved through the domains of Engineering, Innovation, and Management. She has worked as an Engineer, Educator, and a Researcher.

Her dissertation was on the topic of Shared Leadership and Team Innovation, which explored the question of what roles should be present in a self-managing team working on an innovation task, and how those roles should be shared amongst the team members. Her latest research engagement was on a cross cultural study looking at the team innovation behaviour of entrepreneurs across different countries in Asia.

She has used a variety of qualitative and quantitative research approaches ranging from interviewing entrepreneurs in Singapore, using WhatsApp and Zoom for capturing data on team discussions, and conducting large scale surveys from entrepreneurial teams across Asia.

As an educator, she regularly reflects and keeps experimenting with different pedagogical techniques to enhance the students’ learning experience. Her previous formal pedagogy research project focussed on studying the effectiveness of the then newly started Design Centric Program at NUS Engineering Design and Innovation Centre.

Ameek is currently engaged as Adjunct Lecturer at NUS, teaching leadership and negotiation topics at the MBA and BBA level. She has previously taught a variety of undergraduate topics (e.g. design thinking, entrepreneurship, workplace readiness, project management, negotiation, decision making). Her industry experience includes working as Project Lead and Software Engineer at Rockwell Automation (Singapore and USA).

Ameek is also an accredited Mediator (Singapore Mediation Centre) and a trained Yoga instructor for kids.


  • Ph.D. in Management of Technology, National University of Singapore (2016)
  • M.S. in Management of Technology, National University of Singapore (2010)
  • B.Eng. in Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore (2006)

Conference Presentations/Proceedings

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