Research Fellow

PhD in Medical Studies, University of Exeter, Medical School, UK


Social and Environmental Psychology




Samuel Chng is an applied social and environmental psychologist specialising in decision-making and behaviour change research. His research focuses on the understanding, mapping and changing of decision-making process in order to change behaviour patterns in the areas of sustainability and technology use.

He has been involved in a number of multidisciplinary, cross-institutional and international research projects and his research focuses on having both practical and policy impact. Currently, he is a Research Fellow in the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Selected ongoing projects:

- Digital Workplace 4.0 (2018-2021):

- Designing for Adoption of Autonomous Mobility Services (2019-2020)

- Cooling Singapore (2017-2020):

- Predicting adversarial behaviours and their motivation for automated network defense (2019-2021):


  • PhD in Medical Studies, University of Exeter, Medical School, UK (2017)
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Hons),  James Cook University, Australia (2013)

Selected Publications

  • Chng, S. & Borzino, N. (In press). Predictors of Environmental Behaviour: The Role of Value Orientations, Environmental Concern and Beliefs in Singapore. Sustainable Development: Sustainability and Environmental Decision Making, Springer.
  • Kurniawan, J. H., Chng, S. & Cheah, L. (In press). Social acceptance of autonomous vehicles. IEEE Potentials.
  • Borzino, N., Chng, S., Mughal, M. O. & Schubert, R. (2020). Willingness-to-Pay for Urban Heat Island Effect Mitigation in Tropical Countries: A case study of Singapore. Climate, 8(7), 8070082. doi: 10.3390/cli8070082
  • Chng, S. & Cheah, L. (2020). Understanding Autonomous Road Public Transport Acceptance: A Study of Singapore. Sustainability, 12(12), 4974. doi: 10.3390/su12124974
  • Chatterjee, K., Chng, S., Clark, B., Davis, A., De Vos, J., Ettema, D., Handy, S., Martin, A., & Reardon, L. (2020). Commuting and Wellbeing: A Critical Overview of the Literature with Implications for Policy and Future Research. Transport Reviews.  doi: 10.1080/01441647.2019.1649317
  • Chng, S., White, M., Abraham, C., & Skippon, S. (2019). To drive or not to drive? A qualitative comparison of car ownership and transport experiences in London and Singapore. Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 100030. doi: 10.1016/j.trip.2019.100030
  • Chng, S., White, M., Abraham, C., & Skippon, S. (2019). Consideration of environmental factors in reflections on car purchases: Attitudinal, behavioural and socio-demographic predictors among a large UK sample. Journal of Cleaner Production, 230, 927-936. doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.05.179
  • Chng, S., Abraham, C., White, M. P., Hoffmann, C., & Skippon, S. (2018). Psychological theories of car use: An integrative review and conceptual framework. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 55, 23-33. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvp.2017.10.009
  • Chng, S. & Sani, A. S. (2017). Adolescents’ subjective appraisals: Relationships with body image and dieting attempts. International Journal of School Health, e44761. doi: 10.5812/intjsh.44761
  • Chng, S. (2017). Commute Decisions: The Role of Urban Density, Travel Distance and Public Transport Accessibility. Available at SSRN. doi: 10.2139/ssrn.3599960
  •  Chng, S., White, M., Abraham, C., & Skippon, S. (2016). Commuting and wellbeing in London: The roles of commute mode and local public transport connectivity. Preventive Medicine, 88, 182-188. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2016.04.014
  • Chng, S. & Fassnacht, D. (2016). Parental comments: Relationships with gender, body dissatisfaction, and disordered eating in Asian young adults. Body Image, 16, 93-99. doi: 10.1016/j.bodyim.2015.12.001
  • Chng, S. & Fassnacht, D. (2013). Parental influences on young adult body dissatisfaction and disordered eating: The role of gender. Proceedings of the International Conference on Managing the Asian Century. doi: 10.1007/978-981-4560-61-0_34
  • Chng, S., White, M., Abraham, C., & Skippon, S. (2015). Car commute differences within urban England and Wales. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 6(3), 46

Recent Conference Presentations

  • Chng, S. (2020, Sep). Understanding citizen’s aspirations for their cities’ mobility and its relationship with acceptance of autonomous vehicles: A case of Singapore. Paper presented at The 8th World Sustainability Forum.
  • Chng, S. & Cheah, L. (2020, Sep). The future of road public transit: Autonomous and accepted? Paper presented at The 8th World Sustainability Forum.
  • Chng, S. & Cheah, L. (2020, Aug). Understanding Acceptance of Autonomous Road Public Transport in Singapore. Paper presented at The Second Bridging Transportation Researchers Conference.
  • Chng, S., Anowar, S. & Cheah, L. (2020). Preferences for Autonomous Public Transit Vehicles: Insights from A Survey and A Public Engagement Event in Singapore. 99th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board.
  • Chng, S. & Cheah, L. (2019). Public acceptance of autonomous road public transport in Singapore. Paper presented at 26th ITS World Congress, Singapore.
  • Trenerry, B., Haridas, G., Chng, S. Shah, S. Z., Oh, P. H. & Lim, S. S. (2019). Gender implications for the future of work. Paper presented at Gender Summit 16: Diversity and Gender in Science: Enhancing the Value of Research and Innovation
  • Chng, S. & Gan, S. (2019). Individuals in Smart Cities: Understanding how individuals perceive and react to technological introductions. Paper presented at the 13th Biennial Asian Association of Social Psychology.
  • Haridas, G., & Chng, S. (2018) Understanding Digital Health in Smart Singapore. Paper presented at Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Conference, Sydney, Australia.
  • Chng, S. (2018). Encouraging low-emission vehicles purchases? Understand the underlying pro-environmental attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. Paper presented at the International Congress of Applied Psychology, Montreal, Canada.
  • Chng, S., Haridas, G., & Willems, T. (2018). Developing a framework of technology adoption and resistance for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Poster presented at the International Congress of Applied Psychology, Montreal, Canada.
  • Chng, S., Poon, K. W., Horhashim, N. H. B., Haridas, G., & Willems, T. (2018). Understanding the employees’ perception of new technologies during digital transformation: A pilot study. Paper presented at the Singapore Congress on Applied Psychology, Singapore.
  • Chng, S. (2018). The psychology of sustainable transport decisions: Car use, car purchase and beyond. Paper presented at The Psychology of Sustainable Consumption, Philadelphia, USA.
  • Chng, S. (2017). Towards a unified framework of adoption of healthcare technologies. Poster presented at the Future Health 2017: Innovations Transforming Healthcare, Singapore.
  • Willems, T., Chng, S., Haridas, G., & Poon K. W. (2017). The shifting landscape of work and organisation: Exploring power relations at work in the Digital Society. Paper presented at The Industrial Revolution 4.0: Preparing for Disruptive Technologies in 21st Century Asia, Singapore.
  • Chng, S. (2017). Exploring the role of access to public transport in commute choices and wellbeing in London. Paper presented at the Commuting and Wellbeing: Academic Symposium, University of West England, Bristol, UK.

Research Reports

  • Borzino, N., Chng, S., Nevat, I. &  Schubert, R. (2020). Willingness-to-pay and preferences for heat mitigation measures in Singapore. Singapore-ETH Centre. doi: 10.3929/ethz-b-000439152
  • Borzino, N., Chng, S., Chua, R., Nevat, I., & Schubert, R. (2020) Outdoor Thermal Comfort and Cognitive Performance of Older Adults in Singapore: A field quasi-experiment. Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC). doi: 10.3929/ethz-b-000432015
  • Cheah, L., Blessing, L., Chng, S., Kurniawan, J. H., & Miller, K. (2020). Designing for adoption of autonomous mobility services. Report for Daimler.
  • Poon, K. W., Chng, S., Willems, T., Haridas, G., Norhashim, N. H. B., Subhan, M. S., Gan, L. H. S., Goh, Z. A. G., Apsley, H. L., & Vinod, R. (2019). Polarising of job opportunities – Charting new pathways and adopting new technologies. Singapore: Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute, National Trades Union Congress. ISBN: 978-981-14-0858-8
  • Cheah, L., & Chng, S. (2018). Perceptions and planning for future transportation technologies. Report for the Public Transport Council.