Adjunct Senior Fellow

LLM(Merit), University of London, MSc Oxford University, MBA (Cranfield)


International Tax Law, Development Economics, Electrical Engineering



Mr Sree Kumar is an economist, engineer and lawyer, and a founding Director of Sreekumar Siddique & Co Pte Ltd., a regional research and consulting firm. He focuses on industrial policies, economic development, risk management and operations improvement for clients in the Asia Pacific and the Indian Ocean region.

Over the last thirty-three years, he has consulted to various governments and multilateral agencies on industrialization strategy and policies, investment promotion, and economic development. He has also advised on trade facilitation, customs reforms procedures, and financial sector improvements. He has worked for clients in Europe, Asia, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America and the Middle East. Some of his assignments include:

  • Lessons for successful private-public partnerships in development, applying the Singapore development model, for UNECLAC;
  • Industrial and economic planning policy review for a country in the Indian Ocean;
  • Study on industrial development strategies in Southeast Asia for UNIDO;
  • Study on East Asian and Latin American economic cooperation for the Singapore Government;
  • Study on regionalization in Southeast Asia for an agency of the Singapore Government;
  • Advisory service for bilateral trade and investment negotiations between two countries in the Indian Ocean;
  • Feasibility study of digitally exportable services in the Pacific Islands, for UNESCAP;
  • Review and assessment of the industrial capacities of several countries in the Indian Ocean, South Asia and Southeast Asia regions for a European automotive manufacturer;
  • Risk and feasibility assessment of investment locations for semiconductor fabrication in Southeast Asia for a large Singapore-based corporation;
  • Study of multilateral cooperation in energy and water management in South Asia for a major financial institution;
  • Study of multilateral cooperation in energy, transportation and infrastructure development in Indochina, for a financial institution;
  • Population and demographic study for a city in the Middle East;
  • Advisory service in urban planning and management for a large city in the United Arab Emirates;
  • Study on savings policies and financial reforms in Southeast Asia for the EU;
  • Assessment of the automotive industry in Southeast Asia for a major European automotive parts manufacturer;
  • Organizational reform and implementation of a government agency in Thailand.

Mr Kumar has a professional background in international tax law, economics and political research, management consulting, and engineering. He was previously a Fellow of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore where he conducted research on development in the region.

Prior to joining the Institute he was a principal with Spicer & Oppenheim Consultants, where he managed strategy and operations improvement assignments for financial institutions in London, Europe and Asia. Mr Kumar was also a consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton where he was involved in operations and strategy design for banks and public sector bodies. Mr Kumar started his career as an engineer in the design of electro-mechanical equipment in Germany with Brown Boveri, and then went on to work on steam and gas turbine operations in power generation and LNG plants with GE (USA). He subsequently became a geophysical engineer with Schlumberger and worked in several oilfields in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Mr Kumar is a non-practising Barrister of the Middle Temple and holds LLM (Merit) and LLB (Hons) degrees from the University of London; an MSc in Development Economics from Oxford University; BSc (Econs) Hons from the University of London; BA (English) Hons from Goldsmiths College (University of London); an MBA from the Cranfield School of Management; and a B Eng in Electrical Engineering from the University of Singapore.

He has published extensively on industrialization, economic development, trade and political issues. Some of his recent publications include Southeast Asia: The Diversity Dilemma (with Sharon Siddique), Batam: Whose Hinterland? (with Sharon Siddique), and Mind the Gaps: Singapore Business in China (with Sharon Siddique and Yuwa Hedrick-Wong).

He is a Fellow of Royal Statistical Society, Member (Retired) of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK), a Member of the Institute of Engineering Technology (UK), Member of the Law Society of Singapore, Member of the Academy of Law (Singapore) and an Associate Member of the London Mathematical Society.