Title: Adjunct Fellow

Alumni: PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Discipline/s: Mechanical Engineering



Dr. Zheng’s research interests in renewable energy and innovation have led him to focus on researching and developing novel data-driven solutions that optimize energy use and minimize carbon footprint in a smart city context. Andy is particularly interested in cloud computing and big data applications in urban transportation, green financing, and digital contact tracing.

For a one-year stint at the Energy Studies Institute in 2008-2009, Andy’s research interest was studying the impact of energy-efficient vehicle technologies on Singapore’s carbon footprint and researching new policy measures to make hybrid electric vehicles financially attractive to Singaporean car-owners. During his Ph.D. training at the University of California, Berkeley, Andy studied and researched on both the technology and policy aspects of solar energy, with a focus on the role of R&D in developing an innovation-driven sustainable solar industry.

Upon returning to Singapore in 2014, Andy founded the Aspiring Citizens Cleantech (ACC), with the vision of chipping into the global effort of transitioning to a sustainable energy future. ACC’s approach is to provide a full set of technology, business model, and policy innovations to assist governments in accelerating this transition. ACC’s R&D effort in smart electric mobility has produced PAIR Taxi, a plug-and-play big data platform for 65,00 taxis (half of which are EV). ACC’s R&D effort in digital contact tracing has produced FluTrace, a big data and AI analytical engine for COVID-19 contact tracing. It was first deployed for taxis in 3 Chinese cities on 10 Feb 2020, to stratify risk of close contacts who are more likely to be infected or spread virus more widely, as well as to systematically search for asymptomatic infections in the contact network.

Andy holds a B.Eng. (Hons) First Class in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, and both a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a Certificate in Engineering and Business for Sustainability from the University of California, Berkeley.


PhD, University of California, Berkeley (topic focus: solar photovoltaics) (2014) BEng, Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (2008)


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