Centre Leadership

CHEONG Koon Hean


Discipline/s: Policy, Planning and Development, Urban Planning

POON King Wang


Discipline/s: Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

Belinda YUEN

Research Director

Discipline/s: Environmental planning, Town and Regional Planning

Harvey NEO

Professorial Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Geography

International Advisory Panel

Weiping WU

Professor of Urban Planning and Director of the M.S. Urban Planning Programme, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, New York, USA

Jamie PECK

Canada Research Chair in Urban & Regional Political Economy, Distinguished University Scholar, and Professor of Geography, University of British Columbia Global Professorial Fellow, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University


Professor and ERC Advanced Investigator in the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis at Maynooth University, Ireland

Abhas JHA

Practice Manager, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management, South Asia Region, the World Bank


CHAN Heng Chee

SUTD Honorary Professor (Former Chair)

Discipline/s: Political Science

Samuel CHNG

Senior Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Social and Environmental Psychology


Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Organizational Ethnography


Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Urban Planning, Transportation Planning

CAI Yanjun

Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Urban Planning, Development Studies

Qian HUANG (Cathy)

Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Engineering Education, Technology in Higher Education

Benjamin PRISSE

Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics

Ameek KAUR

Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Pedagogy, Team Processes, Innovation, Leadership

Yohei KATO

Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Community Development, Urban Studies

Sarah CHAN Hian May

Research Fellow

Discipline/s: Social and Environmental Psychology, Computational Social Science

Galvyn GOH Zi An

Research Associate

Discipline/s: Industrial-Organisational Psychology, Science of Individual Differences, Systems and Cellular Cognitive Neuroscience, Science of Learning


Senior Research Assistant

Discipline/s: Electrical and Computer Engineering

WANG Jiaxuan

Senior Research Assistant

Discipline/s: Urban Planning

Flora DU Yuting

Senior Research Assistant

Discipline/s: Human Geography, Urban Sociology

LIU Xiaohan

Senior Research Assistant

Discipline/s: Urban Planning

Eujeen HWANG

Senior Research Assistant

Discipline/s: Industrial Design

Ethel WEE

Senior Research Assistant

Discipline/s: Sociology

FOO Heng Tong

Senior Research Assistant

Discipline/s: Industrial Design

Dolphie BOU

Research Assistant

Discipline/s: Urban Studies



Adjunct Fellow

Discipline/s: Mechanical Engineering

Simon SIAH

Action Fellow

Discipline/s: Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Design

LI Bayi

Adjunct Researcher

Discipline/s: Geography, Urban Planning

Affiliated Faculty

Ricky ANG

Associate Provost, International Relations and Ng Teng Fong Chair Professor, Science, Mathematics and Technology, SUTD

NGAI Man Cheung

Associate Professor & Associate Head of Pillar (Education), Information Systems Technology and Design Pillar (ISTD), SUTD

Lynette CHEAH

Adjunct Associate Professor, Engineering Systems and Design Pillar (ESD), SUTD

Sam Conrad JOYCE

Associate Professor, Architecture & Sustainable Design Pillar (ASD), SUTD

CHENG Nien Yuan

Faculty Early Career Award Fellow, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), SUTD


Lecturer, Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD), SUTD


Rachel KOH Shiwei

Research Coordinator

Discipline/s: Art History, Cultural Studies, Urban Wildlife, Linguistics

Visiting Researcher

Sobah Abbas PETERSEN

Visiting Researcher

Discipline/s: Sustainable Cities, Enterprise Modelling, Enterprise Architecture, Technology Enhanced Learning

Visiting Professor

Professor Seng LOKE

Visiting Professor

Discipline/s: Computer Science (Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence)

Professor Greg Foliente

Visiting Professor

Discipline/s: Urban systems science, sustainability assessment, system reliability and risk science, engineering science and mechanics, civil engineering, built environment, city logistics and freight transport, socio-technical transition, innovation diffusion