LKYCIC in the News

27 Mar 2023

Asia First: Achieving sustainable mobility in Singapore

Dr Samuel Chng was interviewed by CNA938’s Asia First with Arnold Gay and Yasmin Jonkers on sustainable mobility on 27 March 2023. [...]

14 Mar 2023

‘Cognitive dissonance’ and climate change: Why some people stop using plastic straws but buy a new car (CNA, 14.03.2023) 

Channel NewsAsia wrote an article about the 'cognitive dissonance' people face regarding climate change, and included quotes from LKYCIC's Dr Samuel Chng. [...]

14 Mar 2023

Raising awareness of job-scam victims’ plight (BT, 12.03.2023) 

Business Times reported about raising awareness of job-scam victims' plight and included a quote from LKYCIC's Dr Samuel Chng. [...]

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LKYCIC News Articles | Op-Eds

27 Mar 2023

Commentary: How can drivers dislodge their entrenched relationship with cars in Singapore? (CNA, 27.03.2023) 

Channel NewsAsia published a commentary by LKYCIC’s Dr Samuel Chng on challenging our entrenched relationships with cars to achieve sustainable mobility in Singapore. [...]

20 Feb 2023

Ukraine war: Its impact on Asia a year on (ST,20.02.2023) 

Straits Times published an opinion piece by LKYCIC’s Prof Chan Heng Chee on the impact of the Ukraine war on Asia one year on. [...]

14 Nov 2022

South-east Asia could pay dearly for worsening US-China ties (ST,12.11.2022) 

Straits Times published an article about the grave implications for South-east Asia as US-China ties worsen. This article was written by LKYCIC Prof Chan Heng Chee. [...]

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