The Play Den @ The Arts House
29 August 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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In November 2014, LKYCIC launched a major research programme on the Future of Cities consisting of seven distinct studies with funding from the National Research Foundation (NRF), Ministry of National Development (MND).  The National Population and Talent Division (NTPD) funded the study on Future Society. The project focuses on Singapore in the next 25 years analysing the challenges the city-state will face and seeks to answer the question: are we future-ready?

In the writing of this book, the author team set themselves the task of projecting the impact of current domestic and international social trends into the future, to anticipate what Singapore society might look like around 2040. In doing so, they analyse the particular path that Singapore has taken since independence, in comparison with other multicultural societies and with regard to the balance between the necessity of forging a new national identity after British rule and departure from Malaysia, and the need to ensure that Singapore’s ethnic minority populations remain socially enfranchised. They further consider how current trends may develop over the next couple of decades, what new challenges and social cleavages may present to Singapore society. The authors conclude with a presentation of imagined Future Singaporeans.

The book launch was held on 29 Aug 2019, 6 pm at The Arts House. During the launch, there was a panel discussion moderated by Prof Chan Heng Chee, Chairman of LKYCIC, on the future of multiculturalism with three Singapore society experts, Mr George Yeo (Special Guest), former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Trade and Industry, and Professors Chua Beng Huat, of Yale- NUS College and Vineeta Sinha, Head of Department of Sociology, NUS.

Book Launch of The Future of Multiculturalism » Book Launch of The Future of Multiculturalism
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