29 March 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Brown Bag Lunch Talks


Calling for more sustainable and equitable urban mobility solutions, mega-cities worldwide have been experimenting the concept of mobility as a service (MaaS), aiming to vastly transform the public transport to a service level that would be preferred by commuters over car travel. The Chinese Tier-1 mega-cities, the top cities with over 20-million population, are all determined to pursue the MaaS solutions towards the goals of zero carbon emission, less congestion, and better fiscal sustainability. For example, the Shanghai government injected 800 million yuan in January 2022 to set up a joint-venture company that will build and run Shanghai’s city-level MaaS platform.

In this talk, Andy will share PAIR’s latest experiences in Chengdu, another modern Chinese mega-city with 20 million residents. PAIR’s big data solution processes real-time data of more than 10 million daily trips in subway, bus, taxi, ride-hailing, and bike. PAIR has designed and deployed China’s first big data app for taxi drivers, who can operate 10% more efficiently with real-time supply-demand data at fingertips. PAIR has also built China’s first multi-language MaaS app in Chinese, English, and French, which is to serve the Chengdu World University Games in June 2022. PAIR’s MaaS analytics has been guiding the city’s 14,000 buses to improve the efficiency and reliability of last-mile connectivity to the 558-km subway network, based on trip-level data in subway, bus, and bike.

About the Speaker and the PAIR MaaS Platform

Dr. Andy Zheng is the founder of Aspiring Citizens Cleantech that built the PAIR mobility as a service (MaaS) big data platform, with the vision of providing affordable, fast, green mobility choices in a people-centric smart city. Similar to the“Microsoft Windows” operating system, PAIR’s cloud-based MaaS platform can be quickly ready for city-level services within 1 week after deploying the software in the transport data centre.

He is also an adjunct fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, working on the Smart Scaling initiative that believes in inclusive and scalable smart city innovations. His research interests in renewable energy and innovation have led him to focus on researching and developing novel data-driven solutions that optimize energy use and minimize carbon footprint in a smart city context.

He earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California Berkeley in 2014. He has been working on innovative solutions to empower city regulators to provide cost-efficient subway, bus, taxi, ride-hailing, and shared bike services. Recently, he has been appointed as the Chief Technical Advisor for Chengdu’s Smart Mobility Initiative, as well as the Engineering Director leading the smart transport system project for the Chengdu World University Games.


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