25 October 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Brown Bag Lunch Talks


We are living in the age of information. During the recent decades, new sources of data have emerged, many of which also include spatial information. While this creates many new research opportunities for urban researchers, it also poses new methodological challenges. In this presentation, I will share my recent research focusing on developing new methods for the analysis of participatory mapping data. I will also discuss empirical findings from studies in Finland and highlight how the use of these new methods has contributed to knowledge discovery. The topics covered include participatory planning, environmental health promotion, activity spaces and exposure modeling, and data anonymization.


Dr. Kamyar Hasanzadeh is a research fellow at LKYCIC. He has a background in Geoinformatics, and he completed his PhD in land-use planning and transportation engineering at Aalto University in Finland. Since his graduation in 2019, he has worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Built Environment at Aalto University and Department of Geography at University of Turku in Finland.


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