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612, 2019

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Exploring Network Characteristics and Information Diffusion among Offline Friends on Twitter

Synopsis This talk will present a study about offline vs online friends behavior on Twitter. The emergence of online social networks has presented the world with new means to communicate. Often, social networks are used to stay in touch with acquaintances and old friends. These days they are used primarily to spread news. The spread of fake news on social media is […]
2711, 2019

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Growth-oriented Entrepreneurship in Cities

Synopsis The geography of innovation tends to fall back on the measurement of invention, thus largely missing the organisational challenges of production and marketing that innovation entails. As a result, such research may prop up knowledge spillovers at the expense of the organisational economies of diverse cities for innovative entrepreneurs. Yet innovative entrepreneurship plays a critical role in economic growth. This study […]
1110, 2019

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Makeshift Metropolises: The Production of Permanently Provisional Cities

Synopsis This presentation explores the idea of the provisional city, an urban setting purposely envisaged and accepted for the present time, but likely to change later. In recent years, increasing research has been done on the temporary use of space. Limited attention has been given to the provisional, understood not only as an actual form of space production but as a negotiated […]
1609, 2019

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Shaping Urbanization for Children: Child Rights and Urban Planning Principles

Synopsis Analysis of the main urban contexts shows that urbanization does not necessarily induce sustainable urban environments. Cities are drivers of prosperity, but also of inequity and environmental degradation. There is a lack of planning, leading to slums and other fragile contexts. Acknowledging all these challenges, why would we then make it even more complex and ask for planning focused on children? […]
609, 2019

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk:Residential Capitalism and Planning in the Platform Era: the challenges of Airbnb

Global ‘home-sharing’ via online platforms such as Airbnb is one of the many ways in which houses are becoming financialised under residential capitalism. Renting homes or rooms to tourists via global platforms can bring new income for ‘hosts’ and their neighbourhoods, but also significant disruption to local communities and housing supply. Urban planners are at the frontline of these dilemmas, but the very technologies on which they depend – land use regulation and the separation of competing uses – are rendered impotent by platform ‘home-sharing’ where signage and marketing occurs in online rather than actual space. This seminar examines these themes by comparing how Airbnb is penetrating local housing markets and bypassing planning controls in six global cities, proposing implications for planning in the platform era and under residential capitalism. [...]