208, 2017

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Characterization of Non-Work Destinations in Singapore

This research identifies places that concentrate a large proportion of activity in Singapore, and explores a methodology to characterize them based on features of the physical environment, demographics and arrangements of activity. The methodology utilizes a spatial-temporal algorithm of pattern detection based on cellphone data aggregated into a “SpotRank” score of hourly relative frequencies within 100x100 meter cells. [...]

2407, 2017

Future of Cities Conference (Fully Subscribed)

The Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities launched “The Future of Cities” program in November 2014 with seven studies. Funded by the National Research Foundation and the Ministry of National Development, these studies examined the opportunities and challenges for Singapore over the next twenty-five years in seven areas [...]


706, 2017

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Estimating Human Impact along Coastal Areas

Protection of the environment is a rather widely accepted nowadays policy. Coastal areas are ecologically complex and very vulnerable spaces that attract a big variety of human activities. Land uses expansion, as geographic expression of economic life could drive towards a less sustainable balance between natural and man-made environment. Efficient coastal planning, monitoring and control claims well designed indicators, especially at local level. [...]