1003, 2021

Singapore Studies Junior Scholar Seminar: Foreign Bodies, Local Language

Foreign Bodies, Local Language What does a Singaporean look like? What do they sound like? Drawing on media texts, online comments, and interview data, this seminar explores how young, mixed-race Singaporeans both use and talk about Singlish and Mandarin. While these individuals’ appearance leads many observers to assume they are “not Singaporean,” their ability to speak language varieties considered “uniquely Singaporean” is […]
2901, 2021

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Perceived Self-Efficacy and Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Cambodia

Synopsis Over the past decades, coastal Cambodia has experienced more frequent negative impacts of climate change, including direct effects of severe climate events such as storms and floods resulting in multiple fatalities and significant economic losses. In response to climate change impacts at different spatial scales, adaptation has become one of the focal points of current research and policy developments. Although perceived […]


1012, 2020

WEBINAR: Mexico City: Complexities, Smart Solutions and Opportunities – Webinar 1: Governance

Abstract From three practical perspectives – mobility, security and governance – this webinar showcases the smart ways in which Mexico City deals with challenges using technology, innovation and citizen participation. We feature 3 speakers who are well-known and experienced decision-makers of crucial areas in the daily operations of Mexico City: 1) Webinar 1: Governance Date: 9 Dec 2020, 8 – 9 pm (Mexico City)/ […]
1711, 2020

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Saving Urban Lakes: Integrating Socio-Cultural and Technological Perspectives

Synopsis Protection and restoration of urban lakes are receiving increasing attention in many cities across the world. Despite their unique spatial, socio-cultural, and economic value and ‘relationship’ with the city, urban lakes often end up being polluted as cities struggle with space for population expansion, economic growth and waste disposal. Designing effective policy solutions towards urban lake management is often challenging due […]
1809, 2020

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Digital Asymmetries in Transnational Communication of Chinese ‘Study Mothers’: Expectation, Autonomy and Gender Positioning in the Household

Synopsis In contemporary society, information and communication technologies (ICTs) are widely cherished for helping transnational households preserve a coherent sense of familyhood despite geographical separation. Despite ICTs having positive benefits for the maintenance of long-distance intimacies, digital asymmetries characterized by gaps in routines, emotional experiences and outcomes of ICT use can also emerge between family members of different structural, social and geographical […]
1709, 2020

IMD-SUTD Smart City Index Virtual Roundtable

Synopsis The COVID-19 global pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work, live and play. As the pandemic takes its toll on the global economy, cities around the world have shown varying success in dealing with the issues brought about by COVID-19. But how did smart cities fare, as compared to other cities? Were the issues better managed, and did they deliver better […]
1609, 2020

WEBINAR: Does lower population density moderate COVID-19 infection rate? Evidence from Tanah Merah, North Jakarta

Abstract One of the more polarizing debates over COVID-19 is whether high population density leads to high infection rates. A body of evidence has emerged which suggests that higher population density is generally associated with higher infection rates while lower population density areas would have comparatively lower rates (Ahmadi et al. 2020; Rocklöv and Sjödin, 2020; Wang et al., 2020). Yet, there […]