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2005, 2021

Re-Imagining the Urban in the Post-Pandemic Era Workshop: Day 2 – Imagining the Post-Pandemic City

Abstract Will the day ever come when cities wake up from a seemingly interminable traumatic dream or are thoroughly awakened from the lethargy in which the pandemic seems to have confined them? Will the present for urbanities be an awakening or the conscious embracement of the everlasting current numbing disruption? Yet, in this unprecedented context, we foster a conversation among urban regions rather than […]
1905, 2021

Re-Imagining the Urban in the Post-Pandemic Era Workshop: Day 1 – State & Citizen

Abstract Power is central to stakeholder dynamics and interactions within cities. The way that power is exercised can affect citizens’ ability to partake in democratic initiatives and determine their access to essential health resources. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought issues of power to the fore. While acknowledging that power is indispensable to effective pandemic response, evidence of state power abuse raise critical questions […]
1105, 2021

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Mastery in the Digital Age: Accelerating Effective Skills Development Amidst Technological Disruption

Synopsis This presentation reports on a study set out to explore the meaning of mastery for technical professionals when jobs and workplaces are increasingly being digitalized. The chief premise of our research is that the very core of what it means to be good at one’s job is challenged and may fundamentally change when parts of that job are taken over, e.g. […]
2603, 2021

WEBINAR: Mexico City: Complexities, Smart Solutions and Opportunities – Webinar 3: Security

Abstract From three practical perspectives – mobility, security and governance – this webinar series showcases the smart ways in which Mexico City deals with challenges using technology, innovation and citizen participation. We feature 3 speakers who are well-known and experienced decision-makers of crucial areas in the daily operations of Mexico City: 3) Webinar 3: Security Date: 25 March 2021, 8 – 9 pm (Mexico City)/ […]
1203, 2021

LKY CIC Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk: Spatial Analysis of Industrial Clustering and Technological Innovation in China’s Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry: Evidence from Cities in 5 Coastal Metropolitan Regions

Synopsis While theories of economic growth emphasize the importance of agglomeration and proximity in innovation and knowledge transfer, empirical evidence on the expected role of agglomeration in innovation activities in China are rare. Focusing on China’s Electronic Information (EI) industry, this study applies spatial analysis methods to explore the spatial clustering of EI manufacturing and service industry and innovation intensity and their […]