1 August 2019
ST Engineering-SUTD Cybersecurity Lab
National Research Foundation

PI: Prof David Yau (ISTD, SUTD)
Co-PI: Dr Samuel Chng (LKYCIC, SUTD), Assoc Prof Ngai Man (ISTD, SUTD)
Team: Dr Ayush Kumar (ST Engineering-SUTD Cybersecurity Lab, SUTD), Ms Lu Han Yu (ST Engineering-SUTD Cybersecurity Lab, SUTD)

The project designed a framework modelling the motivations, cognitive antecedents and dynamic decision-making processes of adversaries in the lead-up to, as well as during, a cyber-attack. Concurrently, novel algorithms for graph embedding with application to anomaly and attack detection were developed. The framework and tools developed in the research was validated using a Capture-the-Flag experiment to aid in further development of novel algorithms for predicting adversarial behaviors and automating network defense and intrusion detection.


  • Chng, Samuel., Lu, Han Yu., Kumar, Ayush., & Yau, David. (2022). Identifying Hackers and Revealing Their Motivations: A Longitudinal Review over Three Decades. Computers in Human Behavior Reports, 100167. doi: 10.1016/j.chbr.2022.100167