3 June 2019
Sustainable Urban Mobility Research Laboratory
SUTD-MIT International Design Centre

PI: Assoc Prof Lynette Cheah (ESD, SUTD)
Co-PI: Dr Samuel Chng (LKYCIC, SUTD), Prof Lucciene Blessing (EPD, SUTD)
Team: Dr Sabreena Anowar (ESD, SUTD), Dr Jude Herijadi Kurniawan (ESD, SUTD), Kristi Miller (ESD, SUTD)

Public acceptance of autonomous vehicles is a possible barrier to plans to roll-out AVs as part of public transportation. Available findings on the general acceptance of AVs suggest that the public tend to be skeptical of travelling in or alongside AVs. In collaboration with Daimler as the industry partner, this project identified adoption and design considerations when designing Autonomous Mobility Services in Singapore through a series of population surveys and community design workshops.


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