1 June 2017

PI: Prof Renate Schubert (ETH Zurich)
Team: Dr Samuel Chng (LKYCIC, SUTD), Dr Natalia Borzino (Singapore-ETH Centre)

The Field Campaigns within the larger Cooling Singapore project focused on understanding the awareness, beliefs and attitudes of Singapore’s population towards climate change and Urban Heat Island mitigation. Through online and on-site survey campaigns, the Field Campaigns produced insights into the willingness to pay for the implementation of certain heat mitigation strategies in Singapore. Also, the impact of different outdoor climatic exposures on the cognitive performance of vulnerable population were analysed, such as the seniors. These insights provided important information for the development of a district-scale to island-wide vulnerability map.


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  • Chng, Samuel. & Borzino, Natalia. (2021, July). Relationships between environmental attitude and willingness to pay for Urban Heat Island mitigation. Paper presented at The 32th International Congress of Psychology.