Facilitating social mixing in public spaces

Public spaces are shared spaces where people from all walks of life encounter one another as they go about their daily activities. As a space of encounter, they hold considerable potential as a platform for community building and strengthening social resilience.

Learn More | 5th May, 2021

COVID-19 and the Future of Work

We are currently in the midst of an accelerated race towards the “Future of Work,” fueled by the growth of digitalization and automation. In this post, we explore what new work arrangements due to the COVID-19 pandemic have shown about the possible futures of work.

Learn More | 8th May, 2020

Transforming industries and workplaces in an era of climate change

At the end of 2019, many predictions were made about the key trends that would shape business in the next decade. Almost all of the predictions include new technologies and online platforms: 5G, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and digital currencies to name a few. But there is another disruptive force that is frequently mentioned alongside technology: climate change.

Learn More | 11th February, 2020

What do Singaporeans want from Driverless Mobility?

The deployment of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) in cities is an exciting development and we currently see them being tested in a growing number of trials in many cities around the world. In this post, we share some preliminary findings from a Driverless Mobility Dialogue hosted by the Centre and the Sustainable Urban Mobility Research Laboratory at SUTD.

Learn More | 6th February, 2020
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