What kind of interventions can we design to enhance the mobility of an ageing population?

Mobility is central to active and healthy ageing. Research has shown that enhancing the capacity of older adults to move safely and comfortably to access goods, amenities and services will reduce the risks of obesity, obesity-related illness and depression, and help them maintain regular social ties and remain active in civic life, which ultimately improves their quality of life. We scan the literature to explore how different factors including technological development, transportation infrastructure and services, land use patterns, and other social-economic environmental factors, influence the older person’s mobility. The aim is to consider the potential effectiveness of various innovative transportation and land use strategies and other social, economic and technical interventions in addressing the travel demands of an ageing population.

Note 1 – Public Transport Systems for Ageing Populations
Note 2 – Transportation Strategies for Ageing Populations, UK-Part 1
Note 3 – Transportation Strategies for Ageing Populations, UK-Part 2
Note 4 – Cycling and Older Adults
Note 5 – Cycle Training Programmes