At the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, the Smart Cities Lab looks at tools that build smart government, businesses, and communities, and scales these smart tools across a network of smart cities for greater impact. Over the past few years, Dr Andy Zheng (Adjunct Fellow) and Poon King Wang (Director) have partnered the use of PAIR Taxi big data insight platform to empower workers in the taxi industry.

In a video, recently filmed by China’s CCTV and AliCloud, PAIR’s big data insight platform deployed in Chengdu in 2019 was featured as an example in the 2020 AliCloud APSARA Conference. The PAIR taxi driver app is now serving 25% of the taxis in Chengdu everyday and has improved the taxi drivers’ daily income, 8% higher than the city average.

Watch the full video here.