Under the guidance of the Advisory Council of the Ethical Use of AI and Data, the IMDA/PDPC collaborated with the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKYCIC), Singapore University of Technology and Design to launch the Singapore’s first guide that helps organisations and employees understand how existing job roles can be redesigned to harness the potential of AI, so that the value of their work is increased. Launched on 4 December 2020, A Guide to Job Redesign in the Age of AI (Guide) also provides an industry-agnostic and practical approach to help companies manage AI’s impact on employees, and for organisations that are adopting AI to prepare themselves for the digital future. For more info, please refer to the links here:

The Guide supports IMDA’s efforts to build a trusted and progressive AI environment that benefits businesses, employees and consumers. For example, the Model Framework guides organisations to deploy AI responsibly and address consumer concerns. Likewise, the Guide encourages organisations to take a human-centric approach to manage the impact of AI adoption by investing in redesigning jobs and reskilling employees.

You can find the links to the Guide here and the primer here.

The LKYCIC@SUTD contributed its Future of Work research under its Future of Cities II: Future Digital Economies and Digital Societies initiative.  The Centre’s Future of Work research, together with its collaborators, was recognised in Singapore’s National AI Strategy for helping to build a trusted and progressive environment for AI that balances the interests of citizens and commercial companies.

Together with PDPC and IMDA, we welcome organisations to share with us practical examples and experiences in using the Guide.